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Who + What

SEPIA Art Collective, a multi-cultural group of artists and curators, are the producers of ICONIC: Black Panther.  This is a four city, curated group art exhibition honoring the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party. The first of several tributes to this Black Panther milestone, ICONIC  opened in Oakland CA in October 2016 as the largest group art show in honor of the Black Panther Party ever. ICONIC Black Panther highlights art as an inimitable force in America’s most profound social justice movements; it has brought people together from all walks of life in recognition of our shared history. This show is officially sanctioned by original members of the Black Panther Party, including Emory Douglas the Minister of Culture, Hank Jones of the San Francisco 8 and Kathleen Cleaver. Proceeds from the sale of the artwork benefit the artists (50%), Panthers in need, and their families.

When + Where

ICONIC: Black Panther Los Angeles will open April 8, 2017 At Gregorio Escalante Gallery and Zack De La Rocha Gallery. The organizers and the artists seek to present a powerful and fitting homage to the Panthers, their principles, and the Party’s tremendous impact on the trajectory of the American experience.



The exhibit has been embraced by such seminal artists and activists as Danny Glover and Dr. Samella Lewis. We are pleased to have the support and participation of cultural and community leaders from across the country including Los Angeles county supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, producer and artist Fab Five Freddy, Los Angeles County Arts Commissioner Pamela Bright Moon, artist Danny Simmons of Rush Philanthropic, Ankh Marketing, XM and TV personality Sway Calloway, and Artist Shepard Fairey.   ICONIC Oakland was funded by a grant from the Akonadi Foundation.

Our Fiscal Sponsors 

The fiscal sponsor for ICONIC: Black Panther Los Angeles is Road to Artdom, an L.A. based non– profit organization dedicated to art outreach in underserved areas.  Our sponsor in Oakland is East Oakland Youth Development Center.  

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